​​​​​​​​​​​​​Selected conferences and courses since 2010

These are some of the conferences I’ve spoken at or courses I’ve delivered in the last few years.


 'Personalising provision for individual pupils within a diverse range of inclusive structures'
'Understanding the similarities & differences between a group of developmental disorders'

BES ASIA (Kuala Lumpur)  

'An overview of SEN practice in the UK'

APPGE, Parliament

    'Safeguarding literacy: access to the curriculum and social mobility'

TES SEN North        

  'The impact of partnership working on SEND'

   'Update on current developments in SEND'


            'Understanding overlapping and co-existing disorders'

            'Matters of the moment for special schools'

            'Complex needs – unpicking the complexities'

Merseyside heads   

     'The past, present and future for special schools' 

Bath & NE Somerset LA  

      'What SENCOs need to know – the changing nature of  children’s needs'


'Inside Government '  

  'SEND – challenges for the future'

TES SEN London  

     'The SEND Green Paper & beyond'

     'Finding innovative ways of meeting the needs of pupils with SEND'

TES Resources, London  

       'Getting to grips with the national agenda'


        'Removing barriers to learning' (with Lorraine Petersen)    

NAHT             'Keeping on top of the SEND agenda'

NAPE             'Changes, challenges & choices: creating a curriculum for all ' (Annual Lecture)

                        'The real meaning of inclusion'

NUT                'When reading is not a pleasure'  (with Charlie Griffiths)

                         'The implications of the new SEND requirements'


           'Emerging leaders in special schools'

           'The importance of neuroscience to education'

Brent Primary Heads

             'Beyond the inclusion debate: where now for SEND?'

Bucks Governors 

      'Making provision for pupils with complex needs'

Herts Governors  

        'Children’s changing needs & the coalition’s approach'




Education Show Birmingham

           What school leaders need to know: an update on changes  under the coalition government

TES Resources, North  

                      'Creating coherence from chaos'

                       'Bringing coherence to current changes in education'

TES Resources, London      

   'What will the education system look like in 2013'

    'Using current changes to move schools forward'

Institute of Psychiatry  

                      'Innovations in teacher training'

University of E. London   

      'Insights from neuroscience'


             'Leading on learning for vulnerable groups' (with Jan Myles)

Bedford Borough      

            'Attainment through engagement for SEND pupils'

Harrow LA                

               'Matters of the moment'

Herts Inset Day         

                'Forward into the future: meeting the challenge of change'

Merton Mencap        

                'Techniques for educating children with SEN'


BETT Show    

            'Assessing online training materials for teaching children and  young people with SEND'

BESA           Talk for SEN Interest group

Parliament, SEN Seminar

      'Setting the scene: A Synopsis of SEN – Past, Present and Future'


     'How Sen Policy is about to Change'

      'Meeting the Needs of Learners who Learn Differently'

Westminster Briefing 

                'The Government’s Plan for SEND'


                  After Dinner speech at SEND Conference


                 'The Challenge of autism & complex needs in the classroom'

Capita, London           Chaired Post-16 SEN Provision conference

Capita, Newcastle   

                'Understanding the Implications of the New SEND Policy'

Nursery/ Primary Show, Bournemouth  

         'Inclusion and the Children & Families Act'

Cumbria SENCOs              

               'SEN Code of Practice'

Dorset Primary Heads             After Dinner speech

Enfield Technology for Inclusion conference   

                     Accessing online SEN training,  materials and resources

Harrow special school             An overview of the current SeN Landsape

Herts Governors                

                        'Keeping up to date with SEN and Disability'

Herts special schools              

                         'A New SEN Framework and an New Population of Pupils'

N.Essex Partnership             

                   'Understanding and Supporting Children who Learn  Differently of with greater Difficulty than others' 

Surrey Special Schools            SEND Update


The Key              

                   'The SEND Code of Practice '                      

TES SEN London      

                   'The new SEN Framework in a Nutshell'

                    'What do ADHD, ASD, SLI and SpLD have in common?'

Forum Training, London, Birmingham & Manchester

            'Local Authorities, the Local Offer & the Integration of Services' 

SENtral, Darlington   

            'How Successful Schools Work – the impact of innovative leadership'

NAHT             'The SEN Legal Framework'  (with Jane McConnell)

NAHT SEND Conference  

                     'An insight into online training – the complex needs materials'

NAHT Cumbria               

              'Current Thinking on SEN'

NAHT Milton Keynes           ' The New SEN Framework in a Nutshell'

NAHT Peterborough

                                 'Update on the SEN Framework'

NAHT Walsall        

                              'Charting a Course through the SEN Minefield'

FLSE E. Region     

                          'A Vision for Special Schools in the New Era' 


                          'Chaired Autism in Education Conference, London'

Capita, London           Panel Member at SEN Conference

Brent LA       

              'The Local Offer: what it means for schools'

                'A Changing SEND Framework'

Cumbria N. & S.       

               'The Code of Practice & Creating and Effective SEN Policy'

E.Sussex LA       

                     'Implications of the SEND Code of Practice: 0-25 years'

Essex primary schools         

                      'Implementing the New SEND Code of Practice'

Herts primary school staff meeting   - Update on the Changes


Herts special school INSET      

          'A potted history of SEN/SEND, a New Framework, Children’s Changing Needs & Sources of Support & Training'

Liverpool special school Inset Day

          'The new SEN Framework and the Changing SEND Population'


N. Ireland special schools     

                    'The what, why, which, when and how of Assessment'      


           'The New SEND Code of Practice'

            'The Local Offer'

Salford University   

                    'The Future of SEND: the Send Reforms and a changing  population'

TES SEN London     

                         'Creating a new culture: embedding the SEND Framework'

                        'Clarifying the confusion between: SEN, disability, medical conditions &mental health needs'

NAHT Education Conference, North & Education Conference, London

            'Looking beneath the behaviour: identifying & addressing mental health needs'

NAHT’s SEND Conference               After Dinner Speech

NAHT             'Suspicious, scared and sad': supporting pupils with mental health needs (with Barry Carpenter)

NAHT Hampshire     

                        'All you need to know about SEND but never asked' 

NAHT Herts             

                        'The New SEN Framework in a Nutshell'

 Birmingham (Teaching School)    

                                                'Co-existing conditions in the current climate'

                                                'What do ADHD, ASD, SLI & SpLD have in common?'

Bristol SENCOs      

                              'Meeting the challenge of change: the new SEN Framework & a changing population of pupils'

Hampshire Governors           

                                                'The National Picture'

                                                'Autism- Engagement and Confidence'

Herts All-Age Autism Partnership Board   

                                  'From early diagnosis to adulthood: the importance of being included'

N. Tyneside Teaching Alliance       

                                       'Creating a Climate where All can Thrive'

Penrith, Cumbria      

                                 'SENCOs and Head Teachers SEN MOT!'
Richmond & Kingston LA   

                                                'Effective Partnership Working around SEND'

                                                'Making your school a place where pupils with autism thrive'


Yanwath Primary School Events, North Lakes Hotel, Penrith (January and October):

'Update on SEND Issues'


Presentation at Nasen’s SEND Theatre on Personal Budgets and the SEND Reforms – What is happening?  (On behalf of the charity KIDS)

 ALSSH Residential Conference, Southport: -  Update on SEND Issues

University of Salford: The SEND Reforms – How are they going?

NAS Conference, Telford. -  Present as judge of the Autism ProfessionalAwards

Dorset Primary Leaders Assn Conference:

                                            Looking beneath the behaviour -  identifying & addressing mental health needs

NAHT’s SEND Conference: After Dinner speaker

NAHT Course with Lorraine Petersen:

                                          The SEND Reforms - Keeping on the  right side of Ofsted and the law

  Surrey Special Schools Conference: After Dinner Speaker

 NAHT Course with Professor Barry Carpenter:

                                                   Suspicious, scared and sad -  supporting pupils with mental health needs

 Inside Government: Transforming SEND Provision in the UK

Engage conference, Bristol: Including all pupils in the curriculum

 Hertfordshire Special School Head Teachers’ Conference, After Dinner Speaker

TES SEN Show 2016   1.The Benefits, Drawbacks and Omissions of the SEND Reforms.                  
                                         2.Personal Budgets and the Personalisation Agenda.   



SHINE’s Regional SEND Conference, Newcastle,

                             'Developing Excellence in SEND Leadership': SEND Education: Making sense of the latest changes.

NAHT’s Autism in Girls Forum Conference, London,

                                     'Girls on the Autism  Spectrum' – The Big Shout: Background to the Day

National Autistic Society’s (NAS) Professional Conference,

                                  'Telford, chairing 2 sessions.'

National Association of Head Teachers’ Annual SEND Conference, Leicester,

                                                  chairing session on the SEND Tribunal led by Judge Jane McConnell.

One Education’s SEND Conference 2017, Manchester,

                                                  The Complexity of SEND: Current legislation and developments in SEND and Developing                                                                literacy skills in pupils with SEND.

Wirral Special Schools head teachers’ conference, Chester, Update on the SEND Reforms and other developments.

Optimus  SENCO Update Conference: Cognitive development and inclusive classrooms and Workshop on: Deployment of TAs / LSAs for maximum effect.

Inside Government, SEND Conference, Chair

Hong Kong

                  'The whole child:The learning Journey - how to include all children in education'

Nasen Live, Birmingham,

                “Inclusion as a process not a place – what does this mean for the strategic leadership of SEND in schools?”

Yanwath Primary School Event,Cumbria:

                     SEND Update.

Telford & Wreking Local Authority Conference 2017:

                                       'Educating Pupils with SEND – Making sense of the latest changes'

Inside Government SEND Conference 2017:

                                    Evaluating the Changes in SEND Provisions.

Hitchin Boys School Governing Board: SEN/ SEND


2018    - Up to the end of August

National Association of Head Teachers ( NAHT) and Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPSYCH), joint conference, London,                                     

                                  Collaborative approaches to the mental health of children: from issues to interventions,                                                                  chairing 2 sessions on Delivering Resilience & Well-being, and Attachment.

Inside Government’s Secondary Conference, SEND

                               'Improving Outcomes and Raising Attainment in Secondary Schools:'

                                'Evaluating the Impact of the SEND Reforms'.

Centre for Inclusive Education, UCL, London:

                               'The Interface between Research and Practice.'

National Autistic Society’s (NAS) Professional Conference, Harrogate,

                                  chairing 2 sessions.

National Association of Head Teachers’ (NAHT) Annual SEND Conference,

            on Q&A Panel plus chairing 2 sessions: Ofsted and Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT).

NAHT Course with Prof  Barry Carpenter:

                                 'Decoding mental health – promoting emotional well-being.'

Westminster Insight Forum,

                                'Implementing the Recommendations of the Rochford Review.'

Westminster Briefing, SEND Provision in Schools-

                                                       'Ensuring appropriate support for all: Implementing Effective SEND Provision.'

Birmingham Special School Head Teachers Conference:

                                                  'The Rise, Fall and Rise of Special Schools.'

The Autism Show 2018,London,

                                        'Meeting the Needs of Pupils with Autism and Learning Difficulties in Mainstream Schools.' 

Federation of Leaders in Special Education (FLSE) East Annual Conference, Wyboston Lakes:

                                     'SEND Update – the Rise, Fall and Rise of Special Schools'

Westminster Insight Forum,

                            'SEND Provision in Schools: SEND and Primary Assessment Reform – the Rochford Review 

Oxfordshire Local Authority’s Annual Inclusion Conference:

                                             'Making the new SEND Code of Practice work for all '.



..clear and very passionate speaker...

Absolutely fantastic – Thank you so much, Rona. It’s the best seminar I’ve ever been to. Please bring her back.

Conferences and Courses

Rona Tutt was fabulous

and held and entertained the

room after dinner

This lecture was perfect for me because it gave me an overview of the major SEN conditions I’m faced with.

Rona Tutt was a total entertainment. Lots of information was made much easier to listen to due to her style, presentation and engaging powerpoint!

Fantastic – very inspiring to a student teacher who is specialising in SEN. Funny at times – I could have listened for hours.

Rona Tutt is fantastic and I'd love to have more info about her and where else she speaks